SIG SAUER P320 Carry Used 9MM 320 Night Sites


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Comes from the Sig factory in excellent condition. comes with night sites.


If you have questions about preowned sigs here is what the factory says.


The legendary Sig Sauer quality is what law enforcement professionals around the world rely on for When It Counts. The To-Hell-And-Back-Reliability™ of a Sig Sauer is what makes it stand out from the rest.

Now you can own a Sig Sauer pistol that’s been “Duty Tested” protecting communities around the county. Traded in by law enforcement agencies for new Sig Sauer pistols, these pre-owned Sig Sauer pistols have been Factory Certified after passing the Sigarms Five-Point Factory Certification process. And no Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer pistol leaves the factory without the approval of one of our expert Sigarms armorers. That’s your guarantee of the legendary Sig Sauer quality and it’s all backed by a one-year factory warranty.

Accept no substitutes. Ask your dealer about Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer pistols.

What is Sigarms Five-Point Factory Certification? Each Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer is field stripped, refitted with original factory parts where needed, cleaned and lubricated, function tested and hand-inspected by a certified Sigarms armorer.

Does the Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer come with a warranty? Yes. Each Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer comes with a one-year warranty from Sigarms.

Do all used Sig Sauer pistols come with a warranty? Only the Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer pistols carry a one-year warranty backed by Sigarms. Make sure the pistol you purchase is a Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer.

How will my Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer be packaged? Each pistol is repackaged in a Sigarms lockable pistol case. It is tagged with our “STOP” tag and wrapped in plastic for protection. Included in the case will be an owner’s manual stamped “PRE-OWNED” in red, a cable lock, and a second magazine.

How do I know I’m getting a Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer? Our Factory Certified Pre-Owned pistols now ship with a blue grip band identifying it as a Certified Pre-Owned SSig Sauer. Some pistols have already shipped without these grip bands so look in the pistol box for the owner’s manual. If it is stamped “PRE-OWNED” in red and comes with the blue Sigarms cable lock then you know it is one of ours. You will also find our standard “STOP” tag instructing the owner to read the owner’s manual. This “STOP” tag will also be stamped “PRE-OWNED” in red on the back of the tag.

Are high-capacity magazines included? Each Factory Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer pistol comes with 2 standard capacity magazines.

What is the condition of a Certified Pre-Owned Sig Sauer? The condition of a Pre-Owned Sig Sauer pistol will vary depending on the amount of wear, such as that caused by a holster or rings, and that condition will be reflected in the retail price. Pistols that have shown excessive wear on the slide when received at the factory will often have the slide refinished in our rock hard Nitron® finish.

Are the frames refinished? The alloy frames of a Sig Sauer pistol are hard anodized for durability and performance. Though a pistol frame may show minor “dings” or ring wear, the frame is not refinished as part of our Factory Certification process.

Does Sigarms replace worn internal parts? Absolutely. When going through the Five-Point Factory Certification process, the Sigarms armorer looks for worn parts. When worn parts are discovered they are replaced with original factory Sig Sauer parts.

My Pre-Owned Sig Sauer has holster/ring wear. Can I send it back under the warranty to be refinished? Holster and ring wear are not covered under the one-year factory warranty.

BEFORE bidding, please contact us with any questions you may have about of our auctions. Many of our pictures are stock photos that are provided by the manufacturer and may not be the exact firearm that is described in the item description. PLEASE verify the accuracy of the picture versus the item description. The product title and description will sometimes differ from the product picture. Ex. (A scope is featured in the picture but not included with the rifle or a discrepancy in the frame finish of a pistol.)

All items are subject to previous sell in the retail store.

  • All Sales Final
  • Shipping will be to the FFL of your choice
  • Please verify that this item is legal in your locality BEFORE purchasing
  • Payment is by credit card (MC/VISA/Amex/Discover) only via checkout
  • Sales Tax applicable for buyers in AL

  • Before You Bid

o The condition of the item is located at the top right of the listing. Disassembly or shooting a firearm voids any return or adjustment options that may
be extended.

o Please ensure the item you are bidding on is legal in your locality before bidding! If you do not know if the item is legal, please
check with your transfer dealer prior to bidding.

o Items that are returned due to a refused or missed delivery or an item not being legal in your locality are subject to a restocking fee of 20 percent of the actual price of the item. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

o Please ensure your dealer is willing to accept items from a third-party/fulfillment center.

o Please email if you have any questions regarding what is included with the item, warranty, how the checkout function works or any other issue prior to bidding.

o You will receive an automated email within 24 hours of winning an auction with instructions on how to proceed.

  • Shipping and Handling

o Shipping of any serialized item requiring a background check will be to FFL only. It is the responsibility of the buyer to contact their
dealer to have a copy of a signed, legible FFL provided to us. Selecting a dealer that is listed on the GB site does not negate or by-pass that requirement. When sending an FFL, please be sure to
include the auction number and buyer’s name. FFLs received without both of these will not be processed until that information is provided. Your dealer’s
FFL will be sent to us and we will forward it with your order to the fulfillment center. The fulfillment center will include a copy
of their FFL with the item.

o There is a shipping estimator in the listing that will provide the price of shipping.

o We strive to have items processed within three business days of receiving payment and your dealer’s FFL, however it may take up to seven business days
for an item to ship due to item location, work load, personnel availability, etc.

o Please note that handgun shipping via “2nd Day Air” is the shipping method required by some carriers. This does not mean that you will receive an item
within 2 days from the date of purchase.

o Shipping costs are per auction and cannot be combined.

o Overnight delivery orders will be delivered the next business day. In other words, if it goes out on a Friday, the order will be delivered on Monday, not Saturday.

  • Payment

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o Please note: To process correctly, you must enter your address information exactly as it is shown on your credit card statement and/or listed on your
account by your financial institution. If not, the transaction may come back as “failed” or “declined”, and if this occurs twice you are locked out of the
checkout function until you contact us so we can provide a re-set for your item. Additionally, if payment is declined you may have a hold on the funds
and/or show a pending charge that will not lift for 3-5 business days when the decline hold is lifted by your bank or financial institution.

  • Sales Tax

o Sales tax is assessed on all sales to the listed states. If you are a business with a sales tax number/account for resale in a listed state, you will
need to provide documentation in order to have sales tax refunded.

  • Contact Information

o Please contact us via Gun Broker or email us at Phone calls will not be
accepted at this time. Messages through GB are responded to via email therefore, your listed email address for your account must be valid and up to date.
Please note that we maintain normal business hours M-F, and some messages may take up to 48 hours to be answered.

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