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CCI Speer 9mm 115gr 1000 rd Case Ammo


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SKU                        DESCRIPTION                                                                  UPC 5000BK1000        CCI/Speer 9mm, 115gr, 1000 count loose                       50004544639356

Categories: Firearms
Condition: New
SKU: 5000BK1000
MPN: cc5000bk1000
Vendor: Approved FFL Dealer
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By John pappalardo on 01/15/18

Great price for Speer ammo and hope it goes on sale again soon . Thank You Gun

By Freebird on 01/05/18

I ordered this ammo Dec.31,2017 and received the shipment Jan.4,2018. That's fast shipping by any standard. delivers great service and product as described. The ammo looks exactly like the Blazer Brass ammo you purchase in the 50 round boxes from your local dealer. It is packaged in a heavy gauge plastic bag and then in a heavy duty cardboard product box with manufactures labels showing on out side of package along with the shipping label. The ammo is new, not reload and of the target range type ammo sold in 50 round Blazer Brass boxes. Great deal in my opinion. Thank you!

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