Dead Air Nomad Ti 7.62mm Silencer 5/8x24 Direct Thread Suppressor

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The Nomad-Ti is an exercise in displaying our latest engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to its ultra-light weight of just 9.6 oz it will feel as if it disappears on your rifle until you need it.

The body is fully-welded Grade 5 Titanium. This provides excellent performance for magnum calibers and the firing schedules of most shooters and hunters.

Rating: Up to .300 Norma Mag
Length: 6.5"
Weight: 9.6 oz.
Diameter: 1.735"
Materials: Fully-welded Titanium 6AI-4V
Finish: Raw titanium satin bead-blasted
Usage Guidelines: .300 BLK - Any barrel length 5.56 - 12.5" minimum barrel w/intent to keep temp down
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Condition: New
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