Duel Fowl Justice Duck Call

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The Testimony is a loud, very easy to blow, goose call. It has an open barrel bore combined with an open insert bore. 
takes little to no back pressure to get every note, from high comeback calls to low clucks and moans to finish the weariest of birds. 

The Executioner is a fast call with a small bore on the barrel and a tight bore insert. 
A large flare at the end of the call that releases the back pressure and makes the call an easy to use comp call, or chase large and small birds.

The Judge Unlike any other style on the market, this call is a long barreled call with a comfortable mouthpiece that has a smaller bore insert making it the ideal Timber call. The smaller bore diameter serves in the making the call quieter with a raspy hen mallard sound that all great waterfowl hunters are looking for. 

The Jailbird, is a short barreled call with a large bore insert, which makes it our open water call. Having a large bore size makes this a loud, " in your face" type of call. Hitting high hail notes that reach out across large bodies of water is what this call was designed for, while still being able to be used as a chatter and feed call. The Large tone bore also makes this call ideal for competitions. 

No returns on celarance items 

The calls with come with metal can, protective sleeve and branded tag. 

Pictures are for color refernce - please select your variations with care. 

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