Arsenal SAM7 762x39 AK 47 Side Folding Stock SAM7SF-84E SAM7SF

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Arsenal, Inc., the premier American importer and manufacturer of semi-auto rifles, is proud to offer to American shooters the Bulgarian-made SAM7SF. This 7.62x39 caliber rifle combines authentic, high-quality features rarely seen in the American market. From its unique right-side folding tubular buttstock to its 24x1.5mm muzzle threads with muzzle brake, every component of the SAM7SF is engineered to provide decades of dependable and accurate service. The SAM7SF rifle is bound to become a sought-after shooter and collectible firearm.

Arsenals Exclusive Milled And Forged Receiver
Each SAM7SF receiver is milled from a hot-die hammer forged receiver blank by Arsenal, Bulgaria. Other milled-receiver AKs are machined from bar stock, but Arsenal's hot-die hammer forging produces stronger and finer-grained steel. Internal voids and cooling deformations are eliminated by the 5-ton hammer forging process.

Each forged receiver blank requires over 5.5 hours of milling before assembly. This forging and milling process is complex and time-intensive, but Arsenals meticulous attention to detail delivers a receiver of unequaled strength, precision, and durability

FIME Group Enhanced Fire Control Group
Includes FM-922EUS, the Enhanced Fire Control Group (FCG) for AK- and RPK-based rifles with stamped receivers. FIME's Enhanced FCG includes a single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector, disconnector springs.
FIME’s Enhanced Fire Control Group delivers shortened trigger travel with an extremely smooth and light trigger pull. To prevent lever misfires, the disconnector face makes full contact with the hammer. Further, the disconnector is engineered with an elongated tail, which makes a full stop on the rear trigger guard rivet and the hammer stop prevents the hammer from slamming on the trigger. With these two designs functioning together, it eliminates the “trigger slap” found in competing products.

SAM7SF-84 | SAM7SF model 7.62x39mm caliber rifle, milled and forged receiver, enhanced FCG, chrome lined hammer forged barrel24x1.5mm muzzle right hand threads, muzzle brake, bayonet and accessory lugs, right-side folding tubular buttstock, black polymer pistol grip and handguards, stainless steel heat shield, ambidextrous safety lever, scope rail, sectional cleaning rod, one 10-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.


    • Weight

       7 lbs
    • SKU

  • Manufacturer

     Arsenal Inc.
  • Caliber:

     7.62 x 39 mm
  • Total length:

     38.2 in. (970 mm)
  • Folded length:

     28.35 in. (720 mm)
  • Barrel length:

     16.33 in. (415 mm)
  • Rifling:

     6 grooves
  • Twist rate:

     1:9.44 (1 in 240 mm)
  • Weight w/o magazine:

     8.5 lbs
  • Muzzle velocity:

     2,329 fps (710 m/s)
  • Maximum range:

     1350 m (1,480 yds)
  • Rear sight range:

     800 m (875 yds)
  • Rate of Fire:

     40 rds/min (practical)


  • 100% new-production parts and components.
  • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt, bolt carrier, and enhanced FCG
  • Cold hammer-forged 16.3 barrel from Arsenals Bulgarian factory, built on Steyr manufacturing technology
  • Hard-chrome plated bore and chamber
  • Removable one-piece design muzzle brake with 24x1.5mm right hand threads.
  • Right-side folding tubular stock
  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • Side-mounted scope rail.
  • 922(r) compliant with US made or imported magazines.
  • Substantially extended service life over other types of assemblies.



Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Tags: AK-47
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Arsenal, Bulgaria
Model: SAM7
Caliber: 7.62x39
UPC: 000000000784
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (4)
By BTEvans on 04/29/22
It's an Arsenal

There isn't much to say, other than it's an Arsenal. The finish on it is traditional garbage, but it's a tool. It's a machine. It's an AK. It isn't a safe queen, nor is it a range toy. I've quickly run just over 1k rounds through it with zero issues. I know it won't look pretty in a few years, but I know I'll be able to hand this down.

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By Brandon on 04/27/22

The best AK there is!

By Billy G. on 12/05/21
Smooth shooter with a few quirks.

Very solid AK. Finally got to put 100 rounds through it and it functioned flawlessly. The ambi safety is the smoothest I’ve ever felt and the folding stock is also very smooth and easy to use. Milled receiver action is smooth, but in my opinion not any more so than on a quality stamped receiver. Also, the muzzle brake is very effective.
The trigger is not great. My ZPAP and KR103 both have much better triggers. The factory zero was also way way off. Arsenal recommends in the manual to not mess with the factory zero for windage, but unless you want to aim a foot to the right at 25 yards, you need to adjust. That’s how mine was anyways. Must have been a Friday. My biggest gripe is the rear sling swivel. It’s in the dumbest place it could possibly be. Directly behind the accessory rail mount, making mounting and removing an accessory rail extremely challenging. The one I used was from K-Var, and it took some light grinding to allow it to clear the swivel.
Still all that aside, nice gun. Is it worth 2k, no. Would I buy it again, probably.

By SW on 02/03/21
Fast & Fine

The rifle was as expected; a solid quality AK. The service was just as good- out the door and on its way in a day. Very impressive the way things have been going.

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