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9x19 mm Parabellum Pistol Cartridges


  • Case Model: 9 X 19
  • Bullet Type: FMJ 124 GR
  • Case Material: Brass 
  • Primer: 4.4 Boxer Primer 
  • Powder: Spherical Smokeless Powder 
  • Velocity 1200 FPS
  • Packing: 1000 RDS

           MADE IN TURKEY


BPS Balıkesir Explosives Industry and Trade Inc. (BPS A.S.) was established in 2014 by Mehmet Akif Yavaşca and Müşteba Yavaşca in order to produce the high quality small arms’ ammunition in Turkey. In the year 2015, Sarsilmaz Ammunition Inc. of the Sarsilmaz Group, which is an estimable small arms producer in Turkey and Europe, joined in the BPS A.S. as a partner and increased its power. The company operates in Yenikoy/Balikesir, with its own production and storage facilities on a closed area of 5,000 m2 on 273,000 m2 of land, completely covering the legal safety distance limits.


In 2016, the production of shotgun cartridges started with the processing of quality raw materials by experienced personnel in modern machines with the principle of continuous development. In 2017, 9 mm blank cartridges and in 2019, 9x19 mm parabellum pistol cartridges production has started. BPS A.S. currently loads 46 types of cartridges for small arms and expands its product range every year. Continuous investments are made in order to produce high quality and reliable products by listening to customers' requests and feedbacks.


All products are tested before being sent on the market. BPS A.S. has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificat. The quality of the products are ensured by C.I.P. Certificate.


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Condition: New
Manufacturer: BPST
Model: BPS9MM-124-1000
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Number of Rounds: 1000
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
Reviews (24)
By Morgan on 12/31/21
Great Ammo at a Great Price

This is great ammo that Twp Birds Outdoors offered up at a great price. The shipping was super fast and all coordination was terrific. I'd buy again tomorrow!

By Pina123 on 12/14/21
BPS 124 grain ammo

Custer Service was exceptional, order shipped immediately , another great product from Gunprime

By Fort Worth Cat on 11/25/21
BPS 124 gr. FMJ 9MM Ammo.

Have not shot any yet.

By Robby D. on 11/20/21
Fantastic company - great service!

The BPS 9mm ammo seems to be reliable, clean and feeds properly. I would purchase again.

By JC on 11/17/21

Good quality bullets never have a misfire.

By Dude2525 on 11/04/21
Great Buy

Have bought 2K rounds of this product. No issues. Would recommend,first and formost GUNPRIME and then this BPS ammo. Get'm while you can - Stock up. Great gifts.

By Gio on 10/25/21
excellent purchase.

Well raped , on time. The condition of the product were excellent and the best is the price. Bit all sites .

By Stefflu on 10/13/21
Great service

The product was perfect and fires fine, no jams on a ruger P95. Deliver only took a few days. Everything went better than I had expected.

By tom on 10/10/21
great price.

Shipping was fast and furious and the intro price was just like old times (pre shortage)

Now for some range time!

By DOGGY on 10/08/21


By D R on 10/06/21
Awesome Anna and good price

Performs well just like good brass ammo should and kind of allows to go shooting and practice without breaking the bank too bad. Would highly recommend

By good deal on 10/06/21
nice price,fast delivery.

would buy again superfast shipping had it within 7 days,delivered.

By Zoomin1 on 10/05/21
Great ammo

Super fast shipping and the ammo is good. Will order again.

By Randy on 10/03/21
Rapid delivery and high quality ammunition during a time when ammunition is scarce and hard to come by

I will purchase ammunition again when needed!

By Miles on 10/01/21
Will order again

Not sure if this is an introductory price or what, but quality ammo at a good price. it was fufilled and delivered on time. I'll be ordering a few thousand more rounds.

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By Whiteboinok on 09/30/21
Sweet deal!

Haven't fired any but product seems to be pretty high quality visually. Great price and fast delivery. Can't wait to receive my P365 MCK and hit the range with these 9mm BPS cartridges.

By Mike E on 09/30/21
Good ammo

Ran through staccato P and shadow systems war poet with no issues.

By Dude2525 on 09/30/21

Ordered on Wednesday, delivered on Friday. Smooth process, great price, great service. Haven't fired these rounds yet, but don't anticipate any issues. Will order again based on service provided.

By Buggz on 09/30/21
9mm ammo

Haven’t had time to shooting it yet

By Skip McGaha on 09/30/21
Best price I have seen for 9MM ammo in awhile.

I got 3 K rounds and 2 of them were in separate boxes and then I had 20 boxes of 50 floating around.
I box disintergrated so I had 50 rounds bouncing around loose.

I will buy more when I run out!
Glad to see the prices coming down again.

By Robert on 09/28/21
Quick delivery

Delivery was fast. Everything arrived quickly and in great condition. Since I haven't had an opportunity to get to the range with this, I cannot rate the 9mm BPS ammo.

By Buzzard Ridge on 09/28/21
Goes Bang when you pull the trigger!

As soon as these arrived, I loaded up a few mags and tried them out. Went bang every time I squeezed the trigger. Functioned flawlessly in my FM9.
Primers, casings, bullets and bullet crimp all looked fine. I recommend this ammo and would purchase again.

By BPS 9MM on 09/28/21
Great Price!

I have not used any of this ammo as yet, I bought it because of the price. Because it was 124 grain. Because it was from Turkey. I have had absolutely no issues with anything from Turkish manufacturers. So this was purchased to add to my backup supply. I will shoot some eventually...lol, just haven't yet.
It appears as new, very clean brass and has no imperfections that I can see. I will be buying more of this.

By Jeff Dilligaf on 09/28/21

Fast shipping, no problems, ammo shoot accurate.

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