Colt 2nd Gen SAA 45 5.5" Blue/Casehardened 75 Box

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Colt Second Generation Single Action Army Revolver with Box. 5 1/2 inch round barrel, blue/ casehardened finish. Produced in 1975. Fixed sights with single line address on top of barrel and caliber marking on the left. Vivid case colored frame, with the two line, three patent markings on the left side, next to the Rampant Colt logo and "Z" on the trigger guard. The assembly number "575" is stamped on loading gate, with checkered Rampant Colt/American Eagle pattern grips numbered to match the gun on the inside. With a Colt Wood Grain box properly labeled to the gun. Condition Near new in box, with a few screwdriver marks on the screws, a light scratch on the frame and minor dings on the grips. Box is very good, with wear concentrated on the edges.

Categories: Revolvers
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Colt
Model: saa
Vendor: Gunprime
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