Winchester 7.62x51MM 149GR Nato FMJ - WM80 - 500 ROUND CASE LAKE CITY, Rebate Eligible through 12/4/22*

$599.00 $445.00


Winchester 7.62x51MM 149GR Nato FMJ - WM80 - 500 ROUND CASE


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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Winchester
Model: WM80500
Number of Rounds: 500
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
Reviews (20)
By BOB R. on 12/05/22
+308 AMMO


By Greg on 12/05/22
Winchester 7.62x51MM

As advertised. Same LOT number. Shipped fast. Great shopping experience.

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By darrell on 12/05/22
well packaged,ordered on monday,recieved wednesday

its winchester,what more can you say

By B.S. on 12/05/22
Worst Batch of Ammo I Have Ever Purchased

The ammo in question was heavily rusted and corroded and I suspect had been exposed to moisture. The clearance price reflects the condition of the cartridges. I had heard that Winchester ammo can be sketchy, but this stuff looked like it has been shipped in rock salt. I couldn't see any bent casings or improperly seated bullets/primers, so i am guessing this one is on the shipper or distributor. I don't think it would have left the factory well made but possibly made unsafe by moisture damage.

By Ray on 12/05/22

Great product, great price!

By Rob C on 12/02/22

The shells were worn looking as it reloads. Opened two boxes of the several dozen I bought, found one bullets casing significantly damaged. Not thrilled. We’ll see how it shoots.

By CedarHoundTX on 11/28/22
Good & bad

Order fulfilled by Two Birds Outdoors (Vestavia Hills, AL). Price was okay, shipping prompt & well packaged. Most all of the 20rnd boxes were tarnished rounds. Could be lacking QC from production or could be suppliers storage conditions. Knowing the condition of the ammo would of purchased a different brand or from another seller.

By Madmax on 11/27/22
Just what I ordered

Ammo was new as advertised. No problems.

By Morgan on 11/21/22
Great experience and a great price

This was a large purchase but the price was excellent and with the Winchester rebate it got this ammo back down to realistic pricing! Shipping and delivery were very timely - as always!

By Rob on 11/18/22
Winchester 7.62x51 149Gr FMJ Ammo

Couldn't pass up 500 rounds at this price ($375.00). It was delivered in less than 10 days and undamaged. Easy purchase process and quick delivery. All the ammo is from the same lot code, a big plus. I haven't shot any of this batch yet but history indicates the ammo is good so I have no doubts it will perform. Will buy from these folks again.

By Omega Lloyd on 11/17/22
Great service!

Great service and fast order processing! Will definitely buy from here again.

By Grampsbeer on 10/26/22
Good Ammo

Good ammo at a good price. What's to not like!

By Cole on 10/12/22
Fast shipping and good prices

Ammo arrived in 3-4 days neatly packed. Ordered some 556 months ago and satisfied with that as well. Quick and easy! Would recommend

By B82abn1 on 11/04/21

Good product and great service!

By Chuck on 09/28/21
7.62x51MM 149GR M80 ammo by Winchester. Good sealed primers and bullets BUT the ammo is very dirty.

7.62x51MM 149GR M80 ammo by Winchester. Good sealed primers and bullets BUT the ammo is very dirty with fingerprints which caused corrosion and staining of the brass. There are also dents and imperfection in the main case and the neck of the cartridge making you wonder if you will have feeding problems. Honestly the ammo looks like manufacturing rejects with defects. They claim it is the same as the military buys but I very seriously doubt it. Looks like leftover rejects.

By Jetcontrol on 09/16/21
The new Lake City

I have not shot these rounds rounds yet, but should be very close to the Federal M80 stuff out of Lake City. Ordered these from Gun Prine, got a fair price and was on my front porch in 3 days undamaged. I'll order from them again. Stay Safe.

By El Toro Loco on 05/11/21
Awesome purchase

First was glad to see ammo in stock

next no BS with this web site whatsoever....just point click make your purchase and high quality products show up on your door step

By Ironface on 05/07/21
Ammo shipped promptly in good condition.

No complaints I would order again.

By First Sergeant on 05/04/21
No worries

Love Winchester Ammo. Been shooting it since as long as remember. Have used Winchester for everything. Whether in military, hunting or training Winchester has never let me down.

Let me say Gun Prime has one of the best order to delivery responses I've ever experienced. As a firearms professional with over 35 years in the firearms industry and especially in this Covid crazy time Gun Prime delivered like their were no obstacles. Know a few vendors that could learn from that. Gun Prime just jumped to the top of my list in price and customer service.

By John on 05/04/21
Excellent Service, shipping, tracking, on time delivery

Like the product for sure, under the current situation not a bad price. Timely process for shipping and delivery.

By Brett on 04/29/21

Timely delivery of a quality product.

By Carl Holliday on 04/08/21
Excellent at a fair cost

Needed .223 ammo for rifles

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