Additional Info Cz 805 Bren S1, 223 Rem/556nato, 11" Threaded Barrel, 1/2x28 Rh Thread Pitch, Alloy Frame, Fde Finish, 30rd 91362 Model: 805 Finish/Color: Flat Dark Earth Description: 1/2 x 28 RH Frame/Material: Aluminum Caliber: 223 Rem

Cz 805 Bren S1 Pistol 556 nato 30rd Fde

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Discontinued 2018. Imported from the Czech Republic as a pistol, this Bren with its 11″ barrel has proven a popular SBR candidate for customers wanting to convert it to an NFA firearm. Those who don’t wish to register with the ATF can always equip it with our adapter kit that allows easy installation of aftermarket arm braces or other devices meant to help stabilize large format pistols like this.

Chambered in .223/5.56×45 and using the ubiquitous STANAG magazine from the AR15/M16, it easily accepts optics and lights on its top and bottom Picatinny rails. An effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the pistol solidly on target and reduces recoil and muzzle flip.


The CZ 805 Bren S1 Pistol is legally classified by the ATF as a pistol, and is intended by CZ-USA to be used as a pistol. Under current federal law and ATF policy attaching a stock to this pistol – or attaching a device which is then used as a stock or intended to be used as a stock – constitutes the making of a short-barreled rifle which requires registration with ATF and the payment of the applicable tax. Users of the CZ 805 Bren S1 Pistol bear the sole responsibility for ensuring their use of the firearm complies with all local, state, and federal firearms laws.


  • Product Name CZ 805 Bren S1 Pistol FDE

    SKU 91362

    Firearm Type Handgun

    Purpose Home Defense

    Chambering .223/5.56

    Magazine Capacity 30

    Magazine Type AR-15/M16

    Frame Aluminum

    Grips Polymer

    Sights Flip-up, 2 rear aperture sizes

    Barrel Length 11 in

    Barrel Cold hammer forged, muzzle threaded 1/2x28

    Weight 6.7 lbs

    Overall Length 22.75 in

    Safety Ambidextrous thumb

Condition: New
Manufacturer: CZ USA
Model: 805 Bren S1
SKU: 806703913629
MPN: 91362
UPC: 806703913629
Vendor: Gunprime
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