Kent Cartridge Bismuth Premium Upland 12 Gauge Ammunition 25 Rounds 2-3/4"

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Accurate and Powerful Kent Cartridge Bismuth Upland Game 2¾” #6 12-Gauge Ammunition

Kent Cartridge has an extensive line of quality lead-free ammunition for hunting upland game. Bismuth shot provides exceptional integrity and superior ballistic capability and ultra high-quality performance. This is a lead-free shot with characteristics similar to lead that make it perfectly safe for use in fixed-choke and high-grade fine shotgun barrels. Bismuth is perfect for birds like waterfowl, turkey and pheasant, or any hunting where lead is prohibited. Next time you take to the field, take the 'drop dead' capability of Kent Cartridge Bismuth with you.

Kent Cartridge 12-Gauge Ammo Features and Specifications:

  • Kent Cartridge Bismuth Premium Upland B12U30-6
  • Non-Toxic, Lead-Free Upland Game Shotshells
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Shell Length: 2¾ Inch
  • Shot Size: #6
  • Shot Type: Bismuth
  • Shot Weight: 1 1/16 oz
  • Max Powder Dram Equivalent
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1325 fps
  • Uses: Hunting Upland Game

Ammo Price Is Per Box.

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