Nutdust Body Powder NAKED 8OZ

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Nutdust is a powerful blend of essential oils and friendly powders that combat sweat, chafing, smells, and discomfort. It can be applied all over your body, including armpits, thighs, and of course below the belt.


Nutdust Naked is designed for the man comfortable in his own skin. A man who wants full day dryness down under with no added fragrance. Nutdust Naked is perfect for public spaces, tracking in the woods, and any other place where you do not want to draw attention to yourself but still feel comfortable and silky smooth when and where it matters most. Nutdust Naked is just as it says, no fragrance, no oils, just pure silky powder that keeps the skin healthy and dry, prevents unwanted chaffing, and leaves your boys feeling like the wind of the Great Glen is blowing in your favor today. Only the most confident of the ancient Scots wore Nutdust Naked. How can the ancient Scots be wrong?

The Legend

Nutdust Naked, is believed to be the finest and purest dust from the white thistle. Only harvested on the full moon at the peak of summer, it is believed that it was reserved only for the Chieftain of the Glen. So confident was he, there was no need to add fragrance to his Nutdust, after all, his balls were bigger than all the rest.

But the Chieftain was a smart man, and shared the Nutdust Naked with his warriors. It allowed them to go into battle and hunt for food without fear of a fragrant scent giving them away, but at the same time giving them a Chieftain’s confidence that they would be dry and comfortable below their kilts on the warmest of days.



Maranta Arundinacea Root (Arrowroot) Powder, Magnesium Carbonate.

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