Additional Info This Seecamp Pistol comes brand new in the box.  These pistols fit in your pocket and are reliable.

SEECAMP 32 semi auto pistol Stainless LWS .32 Seacamp NIB

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Gun comes new in the box.

Seecamp 32 Specs:

Weight No Mag. 10.45 oz.
Weight w/Empty Mag 11.5 oz.
Weight Fully Loaded Silvertips 13.25 oz.
Cartridge Capcity 6 1
Caliber .32ACP
Height 3.25"
Slide Width .725"
Grip Width .86"
Length on Axis 4.25"
Action DAO - Retarded Blowback
Trigger Pull 11.5 lbs.
Frame Material Stainless
Slide Material Stainless

Seecamp recommends specific ammo for their pistols. To view the recommended ammo click here.

Tags: lws-32, lws32
Condition: New
Model: LWS-32
Caliber: 32 ACP
Vendor: Approved FFL Dealer
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