Additional Info Gun is used. It comes in very good condition with one mag.

Smith & Wesson 5906 9MM Very Good 1 MAG

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Smith & Wesson 5906 9MM LOE trade in pistol. Comes in very good condition with 1 MAG. These photos represent the overall condition of these Smith & Wesson Model 5906 9mm police trade pistols, which are in very good condition. Each pistol comes with one 15-round magazines. Price is for one Smith & Wesson Model 5906 9mm pistol. As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these contain  scratches and/or holster wear, Some have synthetic grips and some have Hogue. Many of the grips are in ruff condition. This is not always the case, but should not be unexpected.

Smith and Wesson 5906 9mm Pistol Features

  • Model: 5906
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds
  • Magazines: Comes with 1
  • Barrel Length: 4 in.

Please reference Century Arms surplus codes Very Good 50-80% of blue remaining, minor dings in wood from handling. Bores clean without pitting. Complete and in working condition.

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
Model: 5906
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: SW59065
MPN: 5906
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (39)
By Koster on 06/29/20
Good buy

bought several of these at such a good price. A must have gun.

By Mark v on 06/17/20
Great service and good follow up.

Smith and Wesson 5906 Gun is a average trade in. I received mine incomplete. The right side safety lever was missing. I contacted Gun prime via email and explained my issue. I was contacted by Kyle and was told he would work on getting me the part. I chucked it up to buying a used gun problem. I was surprised to received the part with all necessary pieces to install. Great customer service. I WILL buy from Gun prime again!

By Jon on 06/16/20
Very Good collector gun

Condition was very good as advertised, only the magazine is not feeding the rounds up properly.

By Matt on 06/16/20
Very pleased

Have had mine for several months. Definitely an example of "carried a lot, shot a little". Gun is a little worn/scratched, but barrel looks new. Grip had a large crack in it, but I was going to replace it with Hogue grips anyhow. Shoots great. Sights needed a little touch up with white paint. A nice addition of a classic to the collection. Had a few FTE at first, replaced the recoil spring and no problems since. And FYI, Mec-gar mags work great.

By Bullet Bob on 06/16/20
Very Nice

Got two of these, first one hand select. It was OK but skipped H.S. on the second and it was actually nicer. First one cleaned up nice with my trusty lead-away toxic cleaning cloth. Second one was good to go metal wise. Grips were shot on both of course but new ones were cheap at Brownells or Midway. Added new recoil spring, mag spring, mag follower and mag base. These guns last 30 minutes in the used gun case at the average gun/pawn shop before they're snapped up.

By CP on 06/15/20
Great Classic

With the exception of the plastic grips, this 5906 was a good shape. I ordered replacement grips and now it looks great.

By Russell S. on 06/14/20

I have enjoyed my purchase of my Smith and Wesson 5906. Shooting it has been awesome. Definitely worth waiting 31 years to finally get one and shoot it. The price, as well, was close to other sites, so buying it from you was a good choice as well.

By Jeremy on 06/13/20
Great gun for a great price

Gun was exactly as described. It was very dirty ,but after a good cleaning it is shiny and beautiful. The gun functioned as it should. The grips were definitely worn. New ones can be found for 20 dollars. I would definitely recommend this pistol to anyone. It should last a lifetime.

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By Pantera on 06/13/20
Excellent experience

Gun was in great shape, grips were worn but functional. Cleaned her up and put new shoes on her. Fast shipping, great seller

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By Great value! on 06/13/20
Better than expected

The 5906 performs flawlessly. Excellent purchase!

By Zach on 06/13/20

I love how it looks and how it feels I took it out shooting it was a beast a masterpiece best gun ever

By Brandon on 06/12/20

For how old the gun was it was in fantastic shape, I love 5906s and if I were going to buy another one I would definitely buy from gunprime. They have the cheapest price on them anywhere.

By Greg T on 06/12/20

The gun was solid, but had a considerable amount of rust hiding under the grips. I must have gotten the issue 5906 from the St. Augustine, Florida Harbor Patrol. Not sure. The grips had to be chiseled off in order to detail strip the piece.

With that said, the gun cleaned up nicely. Good deal overall.

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By WhatTheFN on 06/12/20
Shoulda bought 2!

I went back and forth on this one for a while. When it came down to getting a Halosun red dot or the 5906, within the same price range ($329), decided to get the S&W. I kick myself for not buying 2 of them, it is that great. It arrived in good condition, as noted. A few scratches on the barrel from holster wear, barrel was shiny and polished. Took it apart and gave it a deep clean, it had coffee stains under the grip. Got a new Hogue wood grip to replace the grimy rubber one and this thing is a beast. Would absolutely buy another one when available. Gunprime is no joke, will probably buy everything from them, great service, fast shipping. No bubbles, no troubles! Thank you Gunprime, keep up the great work.

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By Joe in Floresville, Texas on 06/12/20
Found it, ordered it, paid a fair price, got, shot it

Wow, condition was excellant for surplus! Price was fair. Shipping was timely. Very happy all around experience.

By BulletBob on 05/10/20

Got two of these. First thing to do is buy one of those nasty "lead removal" treated cloths because hoppe's #9 won't do squat. Rub with the grain and you won't believe the difference, they shine right up. Wash the gun and your hands after 'cause these cloths used to contain mercury and I'm sure they're still toxic. DON'T use them on blued guns. Then head over to Brownells or Midway and buy a new recoil and magazine spring. Like 10 bucks total. New grips are cheap too. Weak recoil spring beats up the gun and weak mag springs cause jams. Mag springs on both guns I bought were an inch shorter than the new ones. Anybody who tells you leaving mags loaded for years and years doesn't wreck the spring don't know **** and that's exactly what happens with working guns. New followers and base plates are cheap too.

By J on 04/23/20
Great purchase.

I ordered this pistol on 4/8 and it was delivered by 4/10. Amazing shipping speed!
The pistol is definitely "Very good" condition since it was made before I was even born lol.
Changed the grips (they were beat down) and after a good cleaning it looks awesome.. Still some noticeable wear, nothing I would complain about though.
The sights are kind of crappy.. That's probably the only complaint I have, sights are very very worn.
I chose the "hand pick" add on as well.
I would def order from GUNPRIME again! Thanks lots!

By V on 04/16/20
better than expected

nothing to complain about with this purchase. Received a polished version! Slight holster wear and coffee under the grips but a little clean up and ready to go. All internals working well. Only issue of concern was the mag spring is rusty. Cleaned it, oiled it and works well. 1st purchase from Gunprime. Fast shipment, constant email updates while shipping. I will buy here again.

By RHIII on 04/10/20
Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm.

I'm pleased with the condition of the gun. I received a very good conditioned 5906 and will replace the grips as soon as possible.

Thank You, Gunprime.

By mrsdsh on 03/30/20

Upon arrival, I was very happy with the gun's condition. After a good cleaning and new grips, it looks almost new, I put 200 rounds through it at the range,, and it shot very well. Overall, a very good buying experience.

By Michael Moore on 02/11/20
Very Good and shoots Beautifully

This was my first purchase of a used turn in weapon so I was not sure what I would receive. When I picked it up from my ffl I was initially disappointed because the pistol needed a good cleaning which made me think it might not be in vg condition and there was a mistake made on my extra magazine order.
Having never done this before I was predisposed to think I would not be taken care of properly. I'm man enough to admit that I was wrong on all fronts. Prime was very accessible via email and returned my emails almost immediately. Once the pistol had a thorough cleaning and the magazine situation was handled I can report that I am very happy with the product, but even more so with Gun Prime. They took care of me and earned my trust and loyalty.
So much so I have already ordered another weapon from them and will continue to do so as long as their service remains top notch.

Five Stars and my thanks for being patient with someone who was new to the used firearm buying process.

Thank you

By DJ on 01/19/20
Not as nice as I expected

The gun I received is really tarnished. It is not represented in the photos. The grips were beat up and the right side very worn off on the bottom (rubbed on a seat belt or?). There was a line of gunk, black sludgy crap that you could scrap off with a fingernail. The gun overall was FILTHY on the outside! I had to scrape all the crud out of the rear sight, and along the grips. Having said all that about the dirty, tarnished outside; the inside looks to not have much wear. The barrel, slide, rails, etc. all look really nice. The magazine looked like new, inside was even pretty clean. The trigger feels nice, the decocker seems to work correctly, slide is smooth. I think your mileage might very with these. I was expecting the finish to be a way nicer. Not sure I would have bought this having seen the actual unit. I'm fine with it as a shooter but someone looking for a "VERY good" condition model should probably look elsewhere. I feel like there rating is overstated a little. Even the guy at my FFL dealer was like "I don't know how to grade something like that, that's what you get ordering online and taking a chance on it being great."

By Marc on 01/17/20
As advertised

Quality Pre owned pistol at bargain price minor wear on outside nothing a little Flitz couldn’t handle! Inside like new! No detectable wear at all .... will stay customer good service ! Matt was very helpful!!

By D. Wagner on 01/14/20
On Target

Received firearm listed as very good condition, and that is what I got. If you are even thinking about a purchase of a 5906, do it!. The 5906 is the highest quality 9mm on the market bar none. Sure you can spend a crazy amount of money for a high end pistol and still not get one of this quality. All-round a great experience dealing with Gun Prime.

By D. Wagner on 01/11/20
On Target

Just received Smith & Wesson 5906. Original listing, Very good condition, can't argue with that. Pistol is in very good condition with little to no wear. after a preliminary cleaning, I am quite happy with the firearm. Will take to the range as soon as possible for function test. Do I recommended Gun Prime? As of this post yes. If the firearm functions as expected, I will like Gun Prime even better.

By Eslic1 on 11/25/19
Awesome weapon...

This thing was in great condition only needed a good cleaning. The original grips were a little worse for wear but $20 bucks and an ebay account produced brand new "Hogues". I half expect it to be in much worse condition and I'm glad I was wrong. The 5906 feels so comfortable in the hand it's not even funny. Picked up 2 additional 15 round mags and now I'm good to go. Those interested in the 5906 needs to get them while they're hot, you will not be disappointed.

By LJS2057 on 09/27/19

dirty , tarnished , but a very good gun . needs new grips , but will clean up nice . very happy .

By Fredbird on 07/22/19

What a GREAT firearm. I had a tracking number 2 hours after I placed the order and had the pistol 2 business days later. This pistol is closer to Excellent than very good . Arrived very clean ... VERY little dirt . 3 or 4 minor holster marks that buffed out with minimum effort , grips had minor wear , the Novak sights had one dot missing, but I was planning on replacing them when I ordered. This pistol looks almost new with minimum work !

By auseman on 07/05/19

First off, shipping is the quickest I’ve seen. Ordered Tuesday night, it shipped Wednesday and had it by Friday. The biggest issue I noticed off the bat is how dirty it was. It took me about an hour to clean it well. I recommend removing the grip to clean under them as well. The condition of the grips are iffy but can be readily replaced cheaply. No biggie. The slide and frame has scuffs and minor scratches but no gouges or dings. I keep in mind this piece is possibly 20-30 years old and saw quite a bit of use and is in damn good shape considering. The internals look good with no excessive wear and function properly. The barrel is in great shape but shows bore wear. However, the rifling is still fairly pronounced. The trigger and mechanism works well. The SA trigger take up and break is one of the best I’ve tried. The reset is phenomenal. The DA is long and fairly heavy but smooth. The last thing is the mag which is more beat up than anything. I had to disassemble it and clean everything well. However, good replacement mags are easy to find for about 20-25 bucks. Overall, you can’t beat these pistols for the money, considering they ran 500 or so brand new back in the day. I gave 4 stars because mine wasn’t in “very good” condition. Due to it being so damn dirty and minor cosmetic issues, it’s closer to “good”. Do it though. You won’t be disappointed.

By pdeschp on 06/29/19

Additional to above rating. While cosmetically decent and dependable shooter. This gun has a barrel that is mostly shot out. Barely see the grooves. No complaints as it is surplus. I get two or three center target hits at 10 yards and flyer or two out of every magazine I load. OK accuracy but not great. Just a fyi.

By zach_ernst on 06/11/19

Terrifc gun rated as "Very Good" condition (I agree). Barely looks like it was ever shot and the barrel is immaculate. Some minor wear on the finish, 1 sight is missing some paint, and the grips are a little rough, but all and all, this gun looks and feels great.

The double action trigger is surprisingly good and the single action is nearly perfect with a fairly light pull and barely any reset. I absolutely love this trigger.

I would highly recommend ordering one before they're gone.

By mdh125 on 05/31/19

I purchased 2 of these, the first one was in good shape with no damage to grips and minor surface abrasions. The second one I purchased appears older and is much more rough. The grips are busted and should not be graded "very good". All of these should be graded good at best.

By keyascii on 05/31/19

Purchased my second, received an item that was graded as excellent, couldn't be happier. Minor holster wear, grips were almost pristine.

By Skvest11 on 05/14/19

While the example I received was mechanically sound it had some scratches and wear to the metal while the grips were extremely beat up. I would have rated this firearm in the Fair-Good category. All in all about what to expect at this price point but certainly not Very Good

By Dwetzel13 on 05/13/19

I didn’t get one as nice as WHO_TEE_WHO shows but it is quite good overall. I have a small amount of holster wear and a small nick in the slide near the barrel. Overall the condition would be very good as advertised.

By shebowang on 05/08/19

I am very happy with this firearm, the condition is as described. The weakest point is one side of the grips with some scratches and wear. This is still not a deal breaker, it is in very nice condition. Shipping and price are very good. I will order from Gunprime again. I am giving a 5 star rating.

By murquiza on 05/01/19

This was advertised as VERY GOOD condition gun. The gun is at best in good condition, very far from very good. Not even close to the ones pictured.

Grips need to be replaced. Heavy holster wear on the tip, very dirty, sight dots one time were there but now are gone the same for the safety red dot, barrel seems to be OK.

This gun in this condition can be purchased cheaper somewhere else the VERY GOOD condition description made me buy it and I got bitten.

Hopefully with new grips a good clean and polish and paint touch-up can be brought back to a very good condition but that means more money and time.

I’m disappointed.

By kevinakaq on 04/26/19

Was very pleased with this purchase. Rating on the box was ‘V’ and the pistol condition was indeed very good. A few minor scratches that I was able to remove with some light polishing with Scotch-Brite. Almost no holster wear. Grips could use replacing but those are available for $20 online so no big deal. That is just me being picky though. A great pistol at a decent price… What more can you ask for?

By knausaveur6 on 04/13/19

What a bargain on a quality firearm. For being a used firearm you would never know it. It looks like a $1500 gun it's so pristine and new looking. The 5906 I received looked brand new, no detectable holster wear at all with only one very small scratch on the slide near the muzzle end. My brother thought the gun was new when he held and looked it over. I disassembled the gun and magazines and only the magazine springs looked their age but upon reassembly and a trip the range the gun fired off flawlessly through a 100 rounds with no failure whatsoever and a fantastic trigger reset in SA. The DA was nice too. Everything operated just as it was designed to. Very accurate shooting. I fully recommend getting one of these and with all springs, extractor pins, firing pins/lever, etc available from Brownell's for spare parts, why not? A great collectible, a house or range gun at this price. I could write an essay on it. I'm very happy with this offering and purchase from Gunprime. Shipment was quick too. Thanks Gunprime for a great deal.

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