Used Springfield Armory V12 1911 Stainless 45 Super Custom Crowned Barrel

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Note, 45 ACP can be shot, but you may need to change the recoil spring for it to feed reliably.


The Springfield Armory V12 1911, rechambered to .45 Super, is a powerful and finely tuned variant of the classic 1911 design. This model features a custom-crowned 5-inch stainless steel barrel. The rechambering to .45 Super elevates its performance, offering increased velocity and energy compared to the standard .45 ACP, making it an excellent choice for those seeking superior stopping power and precision.


A standout feature of this V12 is its ported barrel and slide, which include twelve ports (six on each side). These ports reduce recoil and muzzle flip by allowing gases to escape upwards, facilitating better control and faster follow-up shots. The fully adjustable rear sight also allows precise targeting adjustments.


The V12's stainless steel construction is not just about aesthetics; it provides excellent resistance to corrosion and ensures longevity under various conditions. The V12's custom features, including the crowned barrel and adjustable sights, combined with the robust .45 Super chambering, make this Springfield Armory 1911 a remarkable blend of classic design and modern enhancements, appealing to both collectors and serious shooters who value a firearm that will stand the test of time.

Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Springfield Armory
Model: 1911 V12
Caliber: 45 Auto / ACP
Vendor: Gunprime
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