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Posted by Gunprime Staff on 10/27/21

We live in a time where good firearms are the norm rather than the exception. Due to the large amount of viable concealed carry options it can become difficult to choose the best type of concealed carry weapon for your specific applications. To make it easier we at gunprime broke down the best types of concealed carry weapons to help you choose the best option.

Striker-Fire - Most Popular CCW

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The striker-fired pistol is one of the most straightforward designs for concealed carry pistols. You can choose offerings without a safety allowing you to access your firearm without worrying about manipulating the safety quickly. If you prefer the extra security, a striker-fired design enables you to carry a concealed carry weapon with a safety for added comfort, knowing that you have another layer of protection (After all, we carry weapons to protect ourselves and not to injure ourselves). Modern striker-fired concealed carry pistols offer all the modern features and lighter weight. If you want to carry a red dot, an aiming laser, or a weapon-mounted light on your concealed carry pistol, striker-fired designs allow you to do it. If you are a minimalist and prefer iron sights, the striker-fired concealed carry pistol allows for the lightest concealed carry package. Examples of modern striker-fired pistols are Glocks, Sig P320s, Sig P365 series, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield XDs, HK VP9s and VP40s, M&P pistols, CZ P10s, Ruger SR9s, FN 509s, Walther PPQs and PDPs, and many more.

See the benefits of a striker fired pistol for defense in the video below.

Are Revolvers Best for Concealed Carry?

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Revolvers are another great concealed carry option. Revolvers shine in up close environments due to their ability to cycle without getting caught on clothing or when the barrel is pressed against a body. Revolvers allow you to shoot magnum calibers, so hunters often use them for concealed carry to double as a bear defense firearm. Revolvers can be harder to shoot for some and carry less ammunition than other modern concealed carry pistols. Still, the average defensive shooting is around 2 to four shots making it less of a need to carry a large amount of ammunition. If you prefer the way a revolver shoots, need magnum cartridges for maximum power or feel comforted by carrying a revolver with its safe action, click below to see our favorites. Gunprime offers all types of revolvers, from small frame easily concealed revolvers to large frame hunting firearms.

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Hammer-Fired - Safe Concealed Carry

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Those who appreciate the benefits of a hammer-fired revolver, but need more ammo capacity, look no further than your modern hammer-fired semi-automatic pistol. The most common reasons for using these types of weapons are the trigger offerings and safety features such as an external safety or grip safety. This category has many options, from your classic 1911s and Hi-powers to your more modern Beretta M9s, Sig 226s, and HK P30s. The advantage of 1911 style guns for concealed carry is that these style firearms have arguably the best trigger one can have on a pistol. Most professionals agree that the single action only triggers on 1911 style handguns gives users the fastest trigger available. The faster trigger allows users to place multiple shots on target rapidly to neutralize a threat. Handgun rounds, no matter how well developed, often need more than one hit to stop a threat making fast and accurate shooting a must for self-defense. Other Modern pistols such as your Beretta M9 or Sig Sauer P226 utilize double-action triggers, making them extremely safe to carry and less likely to shoot unintentionally. The long, deliberate first trigger pull assures that users must make a deliberate effort to pull a shot when they need to use their concealed carry weapon. The second single-action pull allows users to make quick follow-up shots required for a defensive encounter. Double action / single action triggers also eliminate the need for an external safety due to the longer and heavier first double-action pull. This makes concealed carry easier for novice shooters without sacrificing safety or performance. Although the 1911 style handguns allow shooters to make rapid and accurate shots, the intricacies of the external safeties and single action only pull require more practice to utilize the benefits of a single action pull fully. Hammer-fired semi-automatics still have a place in concealed carry, but you must decide the best option based on the criteria given. Gunprime has many offerings for single action only and double-action/single-action pistols for whatever you prefer to use in self-defense.

1911 / 2011 style gun benefits can be seen in the video below for garand thumb

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Double action / single action style gun benefits can be seen below in the following ASP video.



In closing we have broken down the top concealed carry categories to help you decide on which type of concealed carry weapon is right for you. We hope that this helps you make an informed decision on the best life saving equipment for you. Please leave a comment if you have any further questions. Thank you and stay safe!

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