Kalashnikov USA 5.5mm Triangle Folding Brace For KP-9 KP9

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Kalashnikov KP-9 Pistol 9mm here

The Kalashnikov USA Triangle Side Folding Brace is designed to transform your KP9 in form and function to the original Vityaz style triangle side-folder. The KUSA triangle brace latches to the receiver when folded by use of the integrated hitch. This is a close as you can get to the original SBR without the tax stamp and waiting period.

The Kalashnikov USA Triangle Side Folding Brace was engineered for simple end-user installation by use of the hinge pin already included with your KP9. Simply, strip your KP9, insert upside down into vice, use punch and mallet to remove hinge pin, install brace and reinstall pin. For video instructions on how to install your KP-9 Brace, click here.

This brace will also work with any AK pattern pistol that utilizes the common 5.5mm rear folding trunnion.


  • 5.5mm pin Triangle Pistol Brace
  • Based on the Russian Vityaz Stock
  • Fits on the KP-9 Pistol


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Reviews (4)
By WV Freeman on 11/19/21
Awesome and prompt!

Product was great. Service and delivery was super fast. Will definitely buy from this site in the future.

By JoeM on 11/01/21
Folding Brace

Solid brace, great design it completes the KP9 look

By Dave L on 09/07/21
Great Priduct

Easy to install and feels great.

By Great brace on 08/05/21
Great product and great price

This brace does exactly what is is supposed to do. It is very steady and has no wiggle.

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