LKCI REV 410 Revolver Shotgun 24" Rossi Circuit Judge Clone

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Action: Revolver Shotgun – SA / DA - System: External Hammer - Gauge: .410 Ga. - Chamber: 3 inches - Stock: Turkish Walnut– Oil Finished Matte - Receiver: Steel - Barrel: Smooth Bore / No Rifling. Inner surface is hard white chrome plated outer surface is black chrome plated - Sight: V-Sight - Length: 24 inches - Length: 41.7 inches - Weight: 5.5 lbs

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An article with videos on the Rev 410 Shotgun here.


Question: Will The Eternal Rev 410 shoot 45 Long Colt?

Answer: No

Question: Is this rifle legal in California?

Answer: No

Question: Why is this rifle not legal in CA?

Answer: No clue

Categories: Other Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Eternal Arms
Model: REV410
Caliber: 410 Bore
SKU: 195536000102
UPC: 195536000102
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (16)
By Cool shotgun on 10/12/22
Going to be a nice shotgun.

So far it has been a really cool gun. It is slow to break in with the pop-out revolving chamber but it is just new. Going to be a good investment for me I can tell.

By Leon Winn on 07/11/22
The Gun had to be ship to a gunsmith.

It had to be ship to a gunsmith. Unsure if I would buy it again. Waiting for it to return. I had it a week.

By RonGod666 on 06/02/22
Operator Error

I'm giving this a conditional five stars because I haven't had a chance to fire the gun yet. Yesterday I wrote a review stating that I believed there was something wrong with the gun. Well, there was and isn't.

I stated in my previous review that the gun would jam up and the hammer would not move to strike the firing pin when the trigger was pulled or if I manually pulled back the hammer. I don't know what resolved the trigger issue, but the problem with me manually pulling back the hammer is I was pulling it back too far. There is a definite detent when the hammer is pulled back to the correct position. I was initially pulling the trigger back beyond that point. If I pull it back to just the detent the gun operates normally.

By W. Rogers on 04/20/22
Great little gun

The fit and finish on this little beauty is great. Loads easily and the ejection reminds me of my Dad's .38 Police Special. Optics mount easily. Shoots true. What's not to love?

By Grumpy on 03/21/22
Gun prime is a Bulls eye

What I like most is that it carries multiple rounds. I only had a bolt action single shot 410 from my childhood. I've only had it a week and used it for 1 day but I am totally happy with it.

By Frank M on 03/19/22
as advertised, great experience

extremely happy with LKCI REV 410 Revolver Shotgun 24" Rossi Circuit Judge Clone

By James on 08/17/21
Do it

I ordered this gun it’s great! What impressed me most was the prompt service I received from Gunprime. Keep it up.

By chuck moon on 08/06/21
outstanding gun

simple to load very lite very nice to look at

By Deersllams on 07/27/21

I like it except I can't fit any of my .45LC rounds in the wheel. .410 shot shells fit fine. Gonna have to have the wheel honed out so I can shoot .45LC rounds. Pain in the keester!

By waiting on Back ground check on 07/27/21

still have not seen gun, waiting on the Back ground check

By jim on 07/27/21
Fast shipping, nice looking gun, looks well engineered.

Haven't got to shoot gun as I can't find any 410 shells I want to shoot.

By Emily on 07/26/21
Well...shipping was great, anyway

Wrote a ONE star review with pictures 3 days ago and it never posted. I'll try again w/o pictures because you need to know my experience with this shotgun. Maybe the photos hung the posting up. Brought home a new Rev 410 and a box of standard velocity 3" birdshot. I fired the Rev once and it locked up. A chunk of the wad got jammed in the cylinder (see image #1). We dug it out. Shot it more and the empty shells wouldn't eject. I had to force the ejector rod or wait till the firearm cooled. When the empty shells came out, they were burnt/melted and deformed. The wads we picked up were totally shredded and missing large chunks. I fired the same ammo through an old Stevens single shot. Worked perfectly. (Image #2 - Rev hulls/wads on the left and Stevens hulls/wads on the right). The REV trigger gets hung up on something every 3 or 4 double action pulls, to the point where you have to put your finger behind the trigger and push it forward to reset. There is so much blow back that it left little red marks on my skin. Perhaps that's because the fit and finish is terrible (image #3)? There are parts attached that are noticeably crooked. With the hulls and wads looking the way they do, I question if it's actually safe to fire. Have contacted the manufacturer and they are out of the office until the middle of August.

By Gene Autrey on 07/23/21
Vreat experience. Ordered the gun by phone. Receipt and shipping information arrived shortly afterward. Additional updates provede up to and including when gun arrived. Impossible to be more pleased. Thanks for your PROFESSIONALISM!!!

Love the gun. Have had it about 2 weeks.

By GG on 07/21/21

Still reviewing gun

By Terry on 07/15/21

Very fun to shoot. Can hardly wait for dove season.

By gypsy on 06/01/21
fast safe shipping

working issues like shell ejector not working , iron quality lacking to shooting metal expanding under few shots, wood is great design looks good but gun does not work correctly, dealer told me contact manufacture okay with me but dealer did not even ask what was wrong kinda like I HAVE YOUR MONEY GO AWAY NOW. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS THAT HAS NO CONCERNS OF WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE GUN THEY SOLD ME. IF THIS IS OKAY WITH YOU BUYERS THEN THIS GUN DEALER IS FOR YOU

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