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Tisas Regent BR9 9mm SS Browning Hi-Power Clone

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These lovely pistols give you the opportunity to own a faithful hi-power copy. Great pistols at an amazing value. Each pistol is new in box and includes two 13rd magazines, ready to go to the range.

Condition: New
Model: BR9
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Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (4)
By JWB43 on 06/16/20

I have always wanted the classic Hi Power in my collection. I cannot afford a real FN made version. But, this version made by Tisas is a great gun. In fact it is my most accurate shooting pistol.. It looks great, feels great and with the exception of the trigger is amazing. Very reliable. I have not had 1 FTF or FTE in over 1000 rounds.

I did have my gunsmith make some improvements to the trigger and now it is one of my favorite guns. Don't let this one get away.

By CPL. USMC on 06/16/20
good buy

terrible trigger as with most brownings until diconnect removed. wouldnot feed with original mags but would with browning mags-used a round file on the followers to match brownings work fine now!

By Harry on 06/12/20

I'm a big Hi-Power fan, but don't want to shoot mine anymore because of their value. The BR9 lets me carry my favorite gun without concern. It is a great shooter, accurate, and gets a lot of comments at the range. I'm thinking about buying another!

By Shawn Lindsey on 05/19/20
Tisas Regent BR9

Fired 350 rounds of Wolf 9mm and 100 rounds of Federal 9mm without any problems. Fitting is tight with no rattle when you shake it. Barrel and slides interchange with my Browning Hi Power from Morgan Utah. I may be prejudice cause I carried a Browning in the service.

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