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Walther Arms Inc PPK/S 22LR 5030300 PPKS

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Legendary Rimfire The PPK/S .22 blends the iconic PPK design with the fun and cost savings of the .22 L.R. The PPK/S .22 is identical to its PPK brother in .380. But you can shoot the .22 rimfire for pennies a shot and recoil is minimal. The PPK/S .22 is great for the whole family. As a quality firearm, you can be proud to own it and someday pass it on to the next generation.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Walther Arms
Model: PPK/S
Caliber: 22 LR
SKU: 723364200250
MPN: 5030300
UPC: 723364200250
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (3)
By Good, Fun, and Easy to Conceal on 07/29/20
Good and Fun, just a little picky with ammo.

First off, Gunprime was pleasantly on point with the shipping. Sent me texts and everything!

Anyways, the Walther PPK/s in caliber .22lr is fun to shoot and easy to use. The gun is straight forward to use. The small extractor means gripping the slide to rack is easy unlike something like a Beretta. Also, the slide itself is really easy to rack, requiring far less effort than most auto-loaders. The magazine is easy to reload, making loading empties a breeze. The grip is perfect for me (I have small hands; most full size handguns can be difficult for me).

Shooting it is a different story. The iron sights will likely need to be adjusted in some way. You’ll likely need to experiment with different ammos. And on the topic of ammo, because .22lr are notorious for being underpowered or just plan bad the gun itself is extremely choosy. I used Winchester Hollow-Points and encountered underpowered rounds several times. The rounds were so low, that sometimes they simply didn’t cycle. I prefer Remington Golden Bullet: they hadn’t jammed on me so far (this isn’t an endorsement. I seriously don’t even care for Remington ammo).

The gun is pretty easy to dissemble for cleaning. It was a PUNK to get the slide back on — but that was likely something I was doing.

By the way: RULE OF COOL. Its a Walther PPK/s. Its a sexy gun. Come on, you’ll be shooting in style. The people at the range are going to wondering, “Wow! That guy/girl is so hot!” Just don’t put the gun down, or you may lose the attractiveness.

So, in total, super fun gun to shoot. Not hard to use. Maybe a little difficult to calibrate, but thats only a tiny hiccup. The ammunition problem is to be expected from a .22lr, so no issue there.

4/5. I’m a happy customer.

By Chaz on 06/18/20
Smooth transaction!

it was a smooth transaction from start to finish! The price was great and communications was excellent including tracking numbers! I would definitely recommend Gunprime to friends and family. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

By Iconic Firearm on 06/16/20
What's not to like about a James Bond lookalike firearm?!

The PPK/S is a quality and reliable firearm that I am happy to own. Have yet to shoot it, but love the sleek design. I know it won't disappoint at the range.My thanks to Gunprime.

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