Springfield’s got a whole new force multiplier called the Echelon, and it’s definitely taking point. If an XD, Hellcat, and SIG 320 had the world’s weirdest three-way and had a baby, this would be a result. There are lots of spiffy new bells and whistles, but you can clearly see the heritage of the pistol underneath.

For a time, Springfield (and HS Produkt, which manufactures Springfield pistols from its home base in Croatia) seemed to gravitate towards double-action, striker-fired pistols like the XDS and Hellcat, based on Glock mechanics. The Echelon is circling back to their tried-and-true Ultra Safety Assurance (single-action) trigger mechanics, which were first introduced in the XD Classics, improved in the XDMs, and further refined in the XDM Elite’s META trigger system. The Echelon adapts the mechanics for a modular handgun while enhancing the feel even more.

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