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Colt AR15 Match Target MT6731 A3 16" Quad Rail

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Colt AR15 Match Target MT6731, Carbine A3, 16" A3 Flat Top W/Removable Carry Handle

While the Colt name is virtually synonymous with handguns, Sam Colt’s initial revolvers off the assembly line were longarms. Manufactured with a rifle stock and a 32” barrel, it featured an eight-shot cylinder that the operator rotated by using a ring lever located in front of the frame. Later, Colt introduced one of the first practical slide action rifles. Then in 1963 the AR-15® and M16 5.56mm automatic rifles made Colt "the small-arms sensation of modern warfare”. Their unmatched accuracy, performance and durability are available in their direct descendant, the Colt semiautomatic-only sporting rifles. They’re ideal for hunting, plinking and competition shooting. Features Gas Operated, Multi Lug Rotary Locking Bolt 5.56mm NATO (will accept .223 Rem.) Matte Black Finish 6 Rifling Grooves

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