Kimber Custom LW Shadow Ghost 1911 45 ACP 5" Barrel 3700693

$823.99 $629.00


Kimber’s 1911 handguns are some of the best 1911s available, and the Custom LW Shadow Ghost is no exception. This classic pistol features a modernized design in the form of black rubber grips with diamond checkering, and an aluminum frame to reduce weight. Other features include a blackout finish on the smaller parts such as the magazine release and pins, and white dot rear sights with a red fiber optic front sight is included to enhance accuracy. As with all of Kimber’s 1911s, the LW Shadow Ghost is equipped with a match-grade stainless steel barrel and a match-grade trigger.   

  • Match grade stainless steel barrel
  • Red fiber-optic front sight
  • Black rubber grips with diamond checkering
  • Aluminum frame
  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Action: Semiautomatic - single action
  • Safety: Grip safety + thumb safety
  • Sights: White dot rear sights + Red fiber optic front sight
  • Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Grips: Black rubber with diamond checkering
  • Slide Finish: Black
  • Frame Finish: Silver (aluminum)


Manufacturer Kimber
Model Custom LW
UPC 669278376936
SKU 3700693
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kimber
Model: LW Shadow Ghost
Caliber: 45 Auto / ACP
SKU: 669278376936
MPN: 3700693
UPC: 669278376936
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (30)
By Lou M on 12/14/22
My first Kimber

Love it. I’ve only put a few hundred rounds through it, but it’s great. Zero issues this far. It’s much lighter than expected and since it’s winter, it’s become my daily carry.

By Jonathan on 12/01/22
Second Review

Following up on my review from 11/28 - Being someone who does not like to leave well enough alone, in the last two weeks I have:

1. Being that the barrel and trigger were match grade from Kimber, I left those alone
2. Added several Wilson Combat magazines
3. Added Wilson Combat grips
4. Added Wilson Combat Bulletproof Titanium Firing Pin
5. Added Wilson Combat Chrome Silicon Firing Pin Returning Spring
6. Added light gray custom color fill on both sides of the slide

Love this gun. It has replaced my Berretta Nano as my EDC. With the LW aluminum frame it can be an EDC. Might buy another one of these...

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By Jonathan on 11/28/22
Great gun, great price!

I have been looking for a 1911 for a while now. I'm not a huge fan of how heavy the steel frame versions are. After reading a number of reviews, I picked up this Kimber LW Shadow Ghost. The aluminum frame makes a bigger difference than you think 8 - 10 ounces of weight savings would be. I absolutely love this gun, Gunprime had a fantastic price, and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a first 1911, or to add it to the collection!

By Garrett on 11/25/22
Great Experience, I would recommend this company

Love the gum

By Tex on 11/21/22
Great gun for a good price

While you can get cheaper 1911s, if you want something special and high quality for under $800 then this is the one. It shoots well. Slide is smooth out of the box and once you put a few rounds down range it is smooth as butter. No malfunctions after 500 rounds so that is a good sign.

By Scott S. on 11/18/22
My First 1911

Recently, I have been wanting my first 1911 .45 ACP to go to the range with for some target shooting. I have been looking for a while with cost and quality both being big factors in my search. I happened upon an article whereas the Kimber Custom LW Shadow Ghost was listed in the top Five (5) 1911s for 2022. I love the black and grey combination and am very pleased with my purchase. The gun shoots well and functions as it should. This is my first time purchasing from GunPrime and I will definitely do business with them again in the future. I was impressed at the ease of purchasing a firearm from this company and lightning fast shipping to my local FFL gun shop.

By Bill J on 10/20/22
Fast Friendly Service

Great Gun @ an affordable price. I love the new Kimber it makes a nice addition to my collection .

By Nick C. on 10/17/22
Ordered on Sunday night was delivered to my FFL in Phoenix area on Wednesday at 9:22am. Super fast!!!

The fast delivery time was excellent. The gun is just as described in the ad no surprises. Took it to the range on Friday and it shot accurate and flawless. Thanks Gunprime

By Arno on 10/14/22
L W Good shooter

Finally got to the range, shot 40 rds no problems

shots printed a little left @ 50 feet .( Still breaking in )

A good pistol and a great price.

By Ray on 09/26/22
Great deal, great gun

Fast shipping. My FFL had it in two days!
This Kimber feeds everything: hollow points, my reloads and even 50 years old Military Ball.
It is also very accurate right out of the box. Recoil is a bit greater because of the aluminum frame (LW),
but not bad at all for this 74 year old!
Target is at 12 yds.

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By Allan R on 09/24/22
Great experience

Didn't know much about Gunprime before. I ordered the Kimber and it was shipped the same day. The gun is great. I did clean it and lube it before I took it out. I put 30+ rounds through it with no issues. It is very accurate. Fantastic value!

By Jason on 09/06/22
Great price and service

I haven’t shot it yet but very satisfied with the gun

By Jammo on 09/05/22
Kimber Ghost is 🔥

Man this Kimber Shadow Ghost LW 1911 45acp is nice. The Ghost has been on my hip since I picked it up, replacing my edc g19 .
Gunprime had a excellent price and very fast shipping.

By The Shadow on 09/03/22
Holy Discount Batman

This 1911 is fitted so tight it is hard to take apart to clean and lube. The quality for price ratio is about as high as I have seen in quite some time. I have owned many 1911 type pistols ranging from war surplus to custom shop variants. This one is a production gun with a custom feel and construction. I like the reduced weight of the Aluminum frame. The trigger is about as good as I have ever had on a 1911. Blap, Pow, zonk, this is no Joker riddle left by a penguin deal.

By Rob J on 08/19/22
Excellent transaction

Great deal on a quality firearm.

By 10 Mil James on 08/16/22
Kimber .45 custom Light weight

What a beautiful gun, I am fortunate to be able to finally own a Kimber and it hasn't disappointed. Thanks to Gun prime for offering it at a price I could easily afford. Gun prime was easy to get through checkout and they shipped it extremely quick. Thanks gun prime! I'll be recommending you to all my friends!

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By Lavelle P. on 08/15/22
Unbeatable pricing on Kimber 1911

Kimber 1911 is the top 45 caliber made. It shoots accurately out of the box. I received the gun in (3)days & GUNPRIME was exceptional to deal with. No issues what so ever. Will be #1 distributor for next purchase.

By Brent Bracken on 08/15/22
Great gun

I love the gun it looks great but the mag release is kinda sticky shoots and feels amazing and of course Gunprime is awesome to deal with

By ray on 08/10/22
Bought Sat. arrived tues.

Great price very well made 1911

By Jim Fin on 08/09/22
Kick ass Kimber!

Have not shot it yet,but when I do I’m sure it will be awesome.

By jimmy on 08/09/22
great deal

been looking for this style and caliper for a while. could not pass up the price

By Darren on 08/08/22
Excellent pistol at a spectacular price!

I've been wanting a 1911 for a long time and saw this Kimber on sale. I couldn't resist and I am so happy that I purchased it. Thank you Gunprime!

By Andy on 08/02/22


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By Andy on 08/02/22

received my gun and was totally amazed of how lite it is and the service was amazing also , i think the gun shipped the same day i ordered it . wow
i tweeked it up a little bit , put night sights and changed the grips and man does this thing shoot outstanding .

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By Pchamp76 on 07/28/22
Kimber 1911 Shadow Ghost

Just received the Kimber 1911. Shipping was fast and the price was beyond reasonable.

By Vince M on 07/09/22
Great gun, great service

Ordered on Friday, shipped the same day, delivered on Tuesday. Excellent quality firearm. Fit finish and function are very good. Trigger is excellent right out of the box at just under four pounds. I’m sure it will lighten up a bit more after break in. A bit disappointing that Kimber only provides one magazine but Kimber factory mags are relatively inexpensive. Comes with additional light pipes for the front sight in both yellow and red. Red is installed from the factory.

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By Tim on 07/05/22
A superb pistol at a great price

OK, I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I love this pistol, the look and feel of it. I wasn't looking for a 1911, but I just couldn't pass up a Kimber LW for $609. Thank You, Gunprime.

By Tim Haile on 07/04/22
Excellent Pistol

Let me first make a comment about Gunprime. Shipping was extremely fast and the gun was perfect. The significantly lower price for the gun actually concerned me initially. However it was great. I love the light weight Kimber. Shoots like Kimbers shoot! Excellent.

By Nice gun for the price. on 07/04/22
Kimber for a decent price.

Well made and shot without a failure. Accurate.

By Thomas on 07/04/22
Very satisfied

I just got the gun, and I love it! Came exactly as described!

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