Stiller Tac 300 Action HS Precision Stock NIghtforce NXS 7mm SAUM

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That title is pretty long, but this precision built rifle is loaded with all the goods! Are you ready to stretch out a long range rifle? Well this bad boy is fully capable to reach distances up to a mile! Chambered in 7mm SAUM, it can go as far as you're ready for. So we are going to go over this rifle like our expert Garandthumb would, tip to butt. The barrel is very nicely and precisely crowned, something that is very important to a rifle like this. The barrel was made by Lilja, it is a 26" stainless steel, fluted, heavy contour profile with 5R rifling. The action is a Stiller Tac 300 with a Nightforce 20 MOA rail sitting on top. For optics we have a Nightforce NXS in MOA 5.5-22x50 with matching Nightforce rings. All of this is carried in a HS Precision stock with an adjustable comb. Inside the stock we have a Jewell trigger that I would personally say is <6ozs. Long story short, This would make an incredible long range rifle for anyone.

Categories: Bolt Action Rifles
Condition: New
Model: tac 300
Caliber: 7mm Rem Mag
SKU: consignment
Vendor: Gunprime
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