Additional Info Factory New
BarrelLength 4 inch
Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19 Para)
FrameFinish Black
Grips Polymer
manufacturerName Stoeger
model str-9
SlideFinish Black
UPC 037084317205
MPN 31720

Stoeger STR-9 9mm 15 Round Capacity 4" Barrel 31720

$329.00 $258.00



$50 Rebate on any new Stoeger STR 

Mar 1 - Apr 30th, 2024

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Stoeger is known for their affordable and high quality shotguns - and the new Stoeger STR-9 handgun is no different. The STR-9 is a semi-automatic striker fired mid-sized handgun perfect for concealed carry and home defense. The STR-9 comes packed with features that you'll see in guns nearly twice the price like forward/rear slide serrations, reversible magazine release, loaded chamber indicator, and picatinny rail for lights/lasers.


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Weight:28.8 oz
  • Action:Striker Fired
  • Sights:Quick read 3-dot sight
  • Magazines Included:Include 1 mag
  • Magazine Capacity:15+1
  • Grips:Includes Medium Backstrap
  • Barrel Length:4.17"
    Overall Length: 7.44"
  • Slide Finish:Black Nitrided
  • Frame Finish:Black Synthetic
  • Caliber or Gauge:9mm
  • Pistol Night Sights:No
  • Optics Ready:No
  • Product TypeHandguns
  • UPC037084317205
  • MPN31720
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stoeger
Model: STR-9
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 037084317205
MPN: 31720
UPC: 037084317205
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (26)
By Good9mm on 04/02/23
Stoeger STR-9

The STR-9 is a good solid gun and a great deal for the price. Why pay 3-4X for similar????

By Lt Col L R McLean on 09/23/22
Excellent Firearm

I purchased this pistol new for $200. When I first took it to the range (straight out of the box) I would have 2 or 3 stovepipe in every magazine. So when I got it home, I disassembled it and thoroughly cleaned it. I used 700 grit sandpaper to very lightly polish the feed ramp. Problem was fixed as the STR 9 performed well in range followups.
Positive points:
-Sights are a delight. Easily as accurate as my 9mm SAR CM9.
-easy to rack the slide
- Fit my medium sized hand nicely
- 3 blade Trigger is crisp, reset is short.
- comfortable to shoot. Handles recoil very well.
-trigger guard has flat front allowing a second hold point for non firing hand.
-chin rail for laser or light.
All in all, a fine reliable firearm no matter the low price.
Negative point: Only came with one magazine.

By Nonya on 07/27/22
Surprising quality and accuracy at this price point

Quite impressed, I was expecting something between a Hi-Point and Taurus at this price point. I was genuinely surprised at the quality and accuracy. I would probably say that it is the best bang for the buck, pun intended.

By Benny on 07/26/22

First I'll start with Gunprime. First time buying from them and definitely won't be the last. Price was excellent and got it to me in under a week. Haven't gotten to shoot the Stoeger STR-9 very much but the little that I have I think I'll keep her.

By Your dad on 07/23/22
Fantastic value

I've only put about 200rds through this str-9
Fullsize so far. But as of right now i couldn't be more pleased about the ergonomics, appearance, fit and finish, and shootability of a pistol in this price range. I have many handguns ranging from budget to HK and custom 1911's. And my opinion is that if you're a gun lover that wants the more premium high end stuff to show off, this might not be what you are looking for. But if you are someone either on a tight budget or just looking for something cheap that you can stash in your car, garage, boat, multiple locations around the house, toolbox at work, etc. This is perfect. It performs well and is reliable and accurate.

BUT! There are a couple of cons. I would not choose this for my primary handgun for carry or training. Not because it's not an excellent firearm, but because of the lack of aftermarket support. The main thing is the cost and availability of additional magazine's. They can be hard to find. And when you do find them they are overpriced.
Holsters are hard to find. So if you intend to gear up with it you will end up spending as much as you would have if you had purchased a more mainstream brand, therefore canceling out that initial great value. If you are looking for a budget minded carry gun, i would reccomend the Taurus g3. But not just any g3 i can't tell you the exact sku# off the top of my head. But it's the g3 fullsize that comes with steel sights. But you have to pay attention. They changed up the sights on the g3 midstream. The newer style are dovetailed for glock sights instead of the older proprietary Taurus sights. The one with the glock sights is the one you want if you intend to upgrade the the sights. Glock sights are readily available and cheap in comparison. Also the g3 fullsize works with sig p226 magazine which are everywhere and relatively inexpensive. Also holsters are easy to find. The ergonomics are decent and the trigger is better than most guns at three times the price. So two big thumbs up for the g3 fullsize with glock sights. Also the g3 comes with two magazines whereas the str-9 only comes with one. With the exception of certain packages which cost far more than the extra magazine is worth.

By Chevy warlock on 07/22/22
Great gun

Ordered on Thursday, was at my FFL dealer mon. The experience with gun prime was great. Fast shipping and great prices. I would recommend gun prime for a great online gun purchase.

By Bob Staigle on 07/21/22
Extremely Satisfied. Best firearms purchase I have yet to have had.

I've had the produce for less than a month and have not had the chance to fire it yet, but just as visibility and handling and trigger pull, I can tell it won't disappoint.

By rcpeng on 07/19/22
Great gun, great price, great service from Gunprime

I am very pleased with the STR-9 and the great service from Gunprime! The ordering was very easy, Gunprime kept me informed of the order status and let me know when it shipped. The price was very good and Stoeger was offering a $25 rebate as well. The gun came with one magazine, as advertised. The magazine drops freely from the magazine well the mag release button is pushed. My first gun was a Stoeger Cougar 8000. The STR-9 has fired both ball ammo and hollow points with no problems. I would recommend buying from Gunprime, they perform to their word! Thanks Gunprime!!

By Franklin E on 07/19/22

I’ve been a Glockhead my entire life. Rarely do I even glance at handgun that is not a Glock. Besides a couple 1911’s this is my only stray from Glock. The price and quality is astounding. The thing shoots like butter. I hate to admit it but I really like the s&w style frame on the Glock style slide design/safety.

These aren’t going to stay this cheap. I’m not a betting man but I’ll beg to bet that this thing doubles in price the longer stoeger keeps them around.

By Atom on 07/19/22
Seems to be well made

Great price on the gun. Gunprime might be the fastest out there for shipping. Gun is much nicer than expected. Very very similar to a Glock. Only comes with one magazine.
I have not had a chance to shoot it yet.

By Mike on 07/15/22

Great 9 and great customer service. Thanks and recommended!

By lofton on 07/13/22
a glock for a great price ha.....

i so far love the performance of the stoeger for the price in this pandemic the stoeger is a deal.

By Kevin Alexander on 07/12/22
This gun rocks

This process went so well, I’m thoroughly satisfied.

By August from Elkridge on 07/12/22
What an amazing pistol for this price

It's very similar to a Glock 19 in size and function however the deep serrations on the slide make charging it a dream. It fits great in my larger than average average sized hands and at this price, there's nothing else that comes close to the value for this quality made pistol.

By Brian on 06/29/22

Great fit in my hand, seems very well manufactured using quality parts. a lot of gun for a great price.

By Str8 shooter on 06/29/22

Ordered from GP website and received item in about 10 days.

By Chad.salvino on 06/29/22
Good company, good prices, good service

The Stoeger STR-9 9mm is a very inexpensive 9mm. I did not expect it to be perfect but wanted to give it a try. When I shot it I was amazed, the pistol shoots very well. It has been 100% reliable, very accurate, and feels very good in the hand. Cant beat it for the price.

By Tony on 06/28/22
Great purchase

Did not know Stoeger made handguns very pleased with purchase great fit for my large hands

By James Henderson on 06/28/22
Excellent Starter 9mm

I highly recommend this pistol. Stoeger STR-9 is an excellent beginners 9mm. Stoeger has combined features from several other companies to make an inexpensive and fun pistol to shoot. This is NOT a cast Saturday-night-special so don't let the price fool you.

The STR-9 is a smooth loading and firing pistol. It did jam twice on 100 rounds but I cannot lay the blame on the pistol as it may have been the same magazine jamming.

By John on 06/28/22

The price was great and then a rebate. It's light even when loaded. Perfect for concealed carry.

User uploaded images:

By Stoeger STR-9 9mm 16 Round on 06/28/22
Stoeger Gun

Love the look of the gun

By Madro Bandaries on 06/28/22

Ready for the rang out of the box, ran two hundred rounds flawlessly, accurare enought at 60 feet
to provide a great defensive weapon. Buy

By Richard H on 06/28/22
STR-9 Couldn't pass on the price

The STR-9 price was too good to pass up. Took it with me to the range last week and put 150 rounds through it. It shoots great. No failures. The trigger is not awesome, but also not the worst that I have tried. My wife loves it. She would take it over my 92FS. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. I may need to get another one because my wife has steaked a claim on this one.

By Cob on 02/18/21
Great Value

Looks and feels great. Low bore axis due to beavertail type cut & undercut behind trigger guard. Nice grip angle and it points naturally. An excellent budget gun for newer shooters or a reliable piece for an extra shooter. No manual safety to gum things up. Comparable to the basic Canik or Glock. Shoots well at 20 yards. I need to add a front fiber optic sight and pay $50 for a second magazine. It fits my Glock 19 belt slide & IWB holsters.

By Popeye on 02/04/21
The buying experience was amazing

I shot 10 rounds and was pleased

By DJozefW on 07/18/20
Very nice handgun

Have only fired about two hundred rounds of ball ammo with the Stoeger STR9 at my local range. Comfortable to shoot, easy to field strip for cleaning. Ran two full mags of jhp steel case through the ejection port to assess for feed or ejection jams, very satisfied with performance. Feels good in hand with stock backstrap and stock sights are adequate,good accuracy. Overall a good performer.

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