Stoeger STR-9C 9mm Compact 1 Mag 1 Backstrap 31730 STR-9

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Stoeger is known for their affordable and high quality shotguns - and the new Stoeger STR-9 Compact handgun is no different. The STR-9 Compact is a semi-automatic striker fired compact-sized handgun perfect for concealed carry and home defense. The STR-9 comes packed with features that you'll see in guns nearly twice the price like forward/rear slide serrations, reversible magazine release, loaded chamber indicator, and picatinny rail for lights/lasers.



  • Item ConditionNew
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Weight:24 oz.
  • Action:Striker Fired Semi-Automatic
  • Sights:3 Dot Sights
  • Magazines Included: 13 Round Magazine
  • Grips:Polymer 1 Backstrap
  • Barrel Length:3.8"
  • Slide Finish:Black
  • Frame Finish:Black
  • Caliber or Gauge:9mm
  • Pistol Night Sights:No
  • Pistol Optics Ready:No
  • UPC037084317304
  • MPN31730
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Stoeger
Model: STR-9C
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 037084317304
MPN: 31730
UPC: 037084317304
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (38)
By Roman on 04/26/24
Accurate, glock improved

I have owned and shot a lot of handguns in my life, this one is definitely an upgrade when compared to Glock Gen 3 through 5 trigger wise, and price wise.

By Ron on 04/02/24
Great service

The STR 9C is working fine. Just received it so far so good. Can't beat the price

By Bobby on 03/26/24
A good experience

A good looking product, fast shipping, everything went.

By Bobby on 03/26/24
A good experience

A good looking product, fast shipping, everything went.

By Bob on 03/04/24

I have only taken it out once but I put a hundred rounds through it. It was quieter with less kick than my daughter's compact S&W. She was jealous.

By Rich on 01/04/24
Impressive product

Great price for an impressive product. Looks and feels like a Glock. Feels great in the hand, excellent trigger. Simple break down etc.Can't wait to try it out.

By Greg on 09/11/23

I’m so happy with this gun very solid pistol already put 300 rounds with no issues. The only thing is one magazine other than that it’s a great gun..

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By Frank on 06/24/23

I can't thank prime gun enough for my purchase Stoeger str 9mm C ...great service and great pistol at a great price...thank you kindly

By John Taormina on 08/17/22
I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but I like the quality of the gun

It looks like it’s well made, will be able to tell you more after I get a chance to use it..

By Texx on 08/17/22
pleasantly surprised

I wasn't sure if I would like this pistol or not, but for the price and the rebate I gave it a try. It is a great gun for the money. Mags are easy to load, trigger is nice, and it is accurate right out of the box. I haven't shot a lot of rounds yet, so not sure about longevity. Overall it is a great value and I would recommend it.

By Jumps on 08/17/22

Stay with OEM

By TGP389 on 08/17/22
A Better G26

I ordered this because the price was very attractive and I wanted something I wouldn't cry about if it got away from me. After handling and dry firing it for several days, I think I'd probably cry after all. I don't have a G26, but I do have a G27, so I think I'm competent to compare the two.

To start with, the Stoeger is a tad bigger in all dimensions than the G26. It's sort of halfway between a 26 and a 19. It's all of about .04" thicker, too, so it's not one of the New Wonder Skinny Nines.

The grip is, to me, much better than a 26, but just about everything I've handled is. I have midsize but thick hands, and they just don't appreciate the Glock handgrip design. They like the STR-9C just fine. The trigger is much better than a stock 26. The recoil spring guide looks to be stainless steel. All the controls are just where a 26 would have them.

As I said earlier, the pistol is just. 04" thicker than the one it looks a lot like. I bought a 1791 holster for a G26, and it was far too tight. I wrapped the pistol in TWO layers of plastic bags and forced it all the way in and let it sit overnight. Still too tight. I forced it in and out while it wore the bags over and over, trying to twist it a bit as I did. Still a little too tight. I left it overnight again, and again. Don't get me wrong, i love 1791 holsters, and don't hold them responsible. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to wet mold it.

Magazines are it's Achilles heel. They're very hard to find and not cheap. Why they didn't build it around an existing magazine, I don't know. I can get 17 round P226 mags cheap, and use them in my Taurus G3, but I have to buy special mags for the STR-9C. I have some P226 mags that will lock in pretty solidly, but they're a tad narrower and the slide lock doesn't work right with them.

Bottom line, I haven't been to the range, so I haven't live fired it yet, but I doubt I could add, or subtract, from the generally positive reviews I see everywhere. If I stumbled on an STR-9C and a G26 in the woods, and could only rescue one, i think I'd take the STR-9C. I hope my decision wont change after I live fire it.

By Danimal on 08/15/22
Glock Clone??

I have been a Glock guy for a lot of years and have a couple clones (80% lower) and know that there are plenty of upgrades available for Glocks to make them "better". When I saw this Stoeger I thought it is a clone of sorts and for the price it must be a really cheap clone. When I picked up the pistol from the FFL I was amazed at how nice the gun felt and aimed. Then I racked the slide and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the trigger felt, it broke like an icicle on the gutter in January and the rest was almost instant. Very impressed with the way this gun feels, if it shoots as nice as it feels this is gonna be one heck of a buy, especially when you factor in the rebate!!

By RZ on 08/15/22

Never owned a Stroeger before and when it went on sale and Stroeger offered the rebate I figured I couldn't go wrong for $175 even if it is just a cheap gun. I was VERY surprised by the fit and finish of this pistol! I have not shot it yet I'll update when I do.

By David G on 08/10/22
Mighty fine handgun

Mighty fine handgun Best price in town ,fits like a glove wish they would’ve threw in another magazine and maybe a holster other than that great gun Great price

By AC Slater on 08/09/22
All I need

Took it to the range, put a box of 50 rounds through it. Its perfect for what I need (camping, hunting, etc). A military guy (and gun geek) was with me and he was very impressed with its feel and performance.

By Amazing Value for the price! on 08/05/22
Amazing Service from GunPrime. They shipped the Stoeger out same day and got it to my FFL in 2 days.

I always wanted to get one of these after a friend let me shoot his. I thought it was awesome just handling the gun a few times, but I have grown to appreciate it more now that I own one now. It is built extremely well. The machining is high quality for such a low-priced gun, and the stock trigger is way nicer than you would expect. Almost like a broken-in Glock trigger. It's got a little weight to it, but that shouldn't be an issue when I EDC it. The only con is that it comes with one mag, and the cost to get an extra one is pricey. That will hopefully come down in price as these gain more traction. I def plan to swap out my current truck gun for this one. I highly recommend it if you can catch it on sale again for $199. Honestly, I think it's worth buying it at around $230, but anything higher would need extra mags, backstraps, etc.

By Gary on 08/03/22
great gun for what you pay for

This gun can be used as a EDC or a Duty gun

By Dennis on 08/02/22
Great value

Good quality, accurate I would not buy another glock when you can buy a stoeger at this value.

By Tolga on 08/01/22
Great little handgun

Finally was able to pick this up from my local shop/range after background checks and took it out for a spin right away. Went through about 100 rounds. Remanufactured rounds, too. Everything went without a hitch. Not a single jam!

It's a small handgun so seemed a bit fidgety in my hand at times but I think that's to be expected. I was still able to put a few rounds at a time within a couple inches of each other on the target from 10yds which I was happy about. I'm not a highly experienced shooter so I'm sure most of that is me figuring out my grip and stance and I am not sure I need to be any more accurate than that anyway. Also my hands are pretty big but not long rather than fat hands. I had no problem holding the gun comfortably as a leftie.

Note that the box comes with a mag loader, which I didn't notice until I had loaded several times. It makes loading a lot easier on your fingers.

Overall, happy with the purchase.

By DanLewis on 07/26/22
I was stunned at how good this little gun is! And it shoots really straight. I put the first two rounds right next to each other in the bullseye.

I cant believe how good this thing is. The stippling on the back of the grip really helps keep it in your hand, the ergonomics is really good and it just shoots really straight. I am taking a pistol class right not to get ready for competition and I showed it to my instructor and he was also very impressed with how well the thing shoots. I will be buying the larger version of this gun as well and I am thrilled that I bought this one.

Fast Service!

I bought several Stoeger handguns to use as a service weapons for my company.

By Craig on 07/20/22
Can’t believe it

Bought this for a truck gun it shoots awesome zero malfunctions have about 700 rounds through it so far

By Josh on 07/18/22
Very Pleased

The Stoeger STR-9C 9mm Compact ate everything I feed it at the range. Over 200 rounds fire no FTF issues, whatsoever. Extremely Pleased.

By David Wilson on 07/15/22
much improved trigger pull

I got the pistol at 2PM Tuesday last week. At 6PM I was on the range and put 60 rounds thru it. No problems with the pistol and the sights seemed to be on target. It was windy so my pattern was not as tight as I would like. The front sight needs to be a little thicker to align with the rear V to ensure lateral accuracy.

The trigger pull is a huge improvement over the Smith & Wesson 9mm I bought in 2008 and the S&W cost 50% more in 2008.

The serrations on the backstrap may be excessive.

I am favorably impressed with the pistol

By BaddBobb on 07/14/22
Stoeger 9

Always fast delivery and quality firearms!

By KH on 07/13/22
nice and light

Well worth the money, i like the trigger and that its nice and light. i would definitely buy it again.

By Pete on 07/12/22
Best value

A Beretta pistol for under $200 w rebate.
Have not shot it yet, feels perfect.

By Ken on 06/29/22
Great value

Glock like firearm at half the price. Only had about a month. Fun to shoot with a better than expected trigger pull. I would buy again if I needed another 9 mm

By Karen on 06/28/22
Great gun

Just bought the gun and it shoots perfect. I would recommend this gun to anyone. little to no recoil if you use the lower grain training grounds

By Eric on 06/28/22
I really enjoyed how reasonable the price was, also the quality of the product..

I have had my product for about a week now.. Im pleased with the competitive price with this product.. I will be checking the website periodically to see the other deals that are offered..

By Steve-o on 06/25/22
Nice compact!

Feels good,looks nice,tight action,GREAT PRICE,especially with 25$ rebate...shipped a couple hours after ordered,nice! Got here in 2-3 days.

By Steve-o on 06/25/22
Nice compact!

Feels good,looks nice,tight action,GREAT PRICE,especially with 25$ rebate...

By STR 9 C on 06/16/22

The STR 9c is a great choice for Quality and value. It's Legit, some say better than a Glock.

By Geordan on 06/16/22
Great Gun.

Great Gun, great price. Exceeded my expectations. Would recommend without reservation.

By dsh on 06/16/22
Great shooting out of the box

The firearm only came with one magazine. Purchasing additional magazines is pricey. However, at 10 yards the pistol performed perfectly. I have put 200 rounds through it and no problem. Other than the mags, my only other complaint is the checkering on the backside of the grip is sharp and digs into my palm. But a rubber grip solved that. Overall, I'd buy it again.

By NickM on 06/16/22
Very impressed by the quality of this gun

The functionality and finish are excellent. More features than the Glock at less than half the price. The medium backstrap works for most people. Only problem is the one magazine. A second mag would given it top score

By Chuckster on 06/16/22
Fast delivery and quick response to e mail from Gunprime

Seems well made feels good . Haven't sent any rounds through it yet

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